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Keloids are thick, raised scars that may appear after an injury, such as a piercing or after stitches. Months can pass before a keloid scar appears after the injury. Once it begins, a keloid tends to grow slowly for months or years. This slow growth differs greatly from another type of raised scar called a hypertrophic scar.

A hypertrophic scar appears one to two months after you wound your skin, and doesn’t grow beyond the wound. With time, a hypertrophic scar often becomes less noticeable. While keloids tend to develop slowly, some appear more quickly and don’t fade with time.

Anyone can get a keloid, but Black people have the greatest risk of developing keloids. People of Asian, Latin American or Mediterranean descent are also more likely to develop keloids than people who have a lighter skin tone.

The Treatment

To reduce the appearance of a keloid, The Art of Skin Dermatology offers medical skincare treatments that include:

  • Steroid injections
  • Topical creams
  • Cosmetic treatments

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Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process when the skin is injured. The severity of the injury determines how the body repairs itself and whether a scar will form. Minor injuries may heal without leaving a trace, while more severe injuries can result in scarring.



Dermatofibromas, those tiny benign skin growths, have the ability to sprout up anywhere on the body. However, they tend to favor the lower legs, upper arms, and upper back. These peculiar nodules are more commonly found in adults rather than children and can display a range of colors including pink, red, grey, or brown. Interestingly, their hues may even shift over time. When touched, they feel solid and can be likened to a stone hiding beneath the skin. If you dare to pinch them from the sides, you may notice a slight indentation on the top.

While dermatofibromas can occasionally cause tenderness and itching, they are typically painless and rarely exceed a half-inch in diameter. Usually, only one nodule will make an appearance, but on occasion, multiple nodules may arise simultaneously.

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