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Wound Healing

Wound Healing

Here are some helpful tips for taking care of minor cuts and scrapes:

  1. Begin by washing your hands thoroughly to prevent any potential infections.
  2. If the cut or scrape is bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean bandage or cloth. You can also elevate the affected area to help stop the bleeding.
  3. Clean the wound by rinsing it with water. Running water is preferable as it reduces the risk of infection. Use soap to wash around the wound, but make sure not to get any soap inside the wound. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide or iodine as they can irritate the wound. If there is any dirt or debris, carefully remove it with tweezers that have been cleaned with alcohol. If you’re unable to remove all debris, it’s best to seek medical attention.
  4. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to keep the wound moist and prevent scarring. We don’t advise using triple antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Be cautious as some people may experience a mild rash from certain antibiotic ointments. If a rash occurs, discontinue use of antibiotic ointments and contact us.
  5. Cover the wound with a bandage, rolled gauze, or gauze secured with paper tape. This will help keep the wound clean. However, if it’s just a minor scrape or scratch, leaving it uncovered is acceptable.
  6. Change the covering at least once a day or whenever it becomes wet or dirty.
  7. If the wound is deep or dirty and you haven’t had a tetanus shot in the past five years, it’s advisable to get one.
  8. Keep an eye out for signs of infection, such as changes in color, increasing pain, drainage, warmth, or swelling on the skin or near the wound. If any of these signs are present, seek medical attention.

Videos & Testimonials

Tania is very thorough and answers any questions you have. She always makes you feel comfortable and you leave knowing that if you need her you can email her anytime.

Amy W.

High regards for Art of Skin. Very positive experience. Special thanks to Nicole G., PA-C, for her sensitivity, patience, sense of humor and medical expertise.

Annie C.

Time was taken to answer every question. I never felt hurried and the wait to be seen was minimal. All my concerns were addressed and the overall experience was one of caring about me as a patient. Would absolutely recommend to everyone.

Sue J.

Excellent!!! From the second you walk in, you know you made the right decision to use their services.. highly recommend.

Nando P.

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