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Surgery FAQs

Surgery FAQs

Skin surgery is relatively straightforward when performed in expert hands. We work in comfortable state of the art operating suites with top quality staff and equipment. Throughout the procedure, the focus remains firmly on the patient’s well being and comfort. Here is an overview of some frequently asked questions.

If you need more information, please contact our team by messaging our staff by telephone 845-485-5000 or email [email protected]


Can I drive after my procedure? Almost all patients are able to drive after the procedure unless there is a bandage that will be covering the eyes. If you are anxious, it’s often a good idea to have a friend, family member or take you home.

Will I have a local or general anesthetic? Almost all skin procedures, even large ones, can be done under local anaesthetic. A local anesthetic is usually given as a simple injection to the area of skin on which we are going to perform the surgery. It works very quickly and tends to last a little over 1 hour. Your dermatologist is highly skilled at local anesthesia and the nurses are experts in looking after patients who are awake during the procedure.

Do you use dissolving stitches? Sometimes! In our mission to give you the best scar, we use very high quality cosmetic grade stitches. Sometimes dissolving sutures , though convenient for patients , may be more inflammatory in certain areas of the body and not leave the patient with the best cosmetic end result . We favor dissolving stitches on certain body sites, such as the scalp, eyelid, mouth and genitals. Elsewhere, we may favor non-dissolving stitches. Suture removal is usually 7-14 days depending on the site.

What about the scar? At The Art of Skin Dermatology, great thought and pride is taken in our surgical scars. Our goal is to minimize the appearance of your scar. You will be given an individually tailored aftercare plan to help with the healing of your wound. There is no such thing as scarless surgery, despite the claims of some practices. We closely follow the scar research literature and apply the best available techniques.

Will I be left with stitch marks? In our practice, it’s rare for a patient to be left with stitch marks. We frequently hide the stitches underneath the skin to avoid this problem, or we remove the stitches early to try to prevent stitch marks.

Videos & Testimonials

Tania is very thorough and answers any questions you have. She always makes you feel comfortable and you leave knowing that if you need her you can email her anytime.

Amy W.

High regards for Art of Skin. Very positive experience. Special thanks to Nicole G., PA-C, for her sensitivity, patience, sense of humor and medical expertise.

Annie C.

Time was taken to answer every question. I never felt hurried and the wait to be seen was minimal. All my concerns were addressed and the overall experience was one of caring about me as a patient. Would absolutely recommend to everyone.

Sue J.

Excellent!!! From the second you walk in, you know you made the right decision to use their services.. highly recommend.

Nando P.

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