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Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects more than 14 million people. It tends to be seen in people between 30 and 50 years of age, however, children can also get rosacea. While fair-skinned people tend to get rosacea, people of color can also get it.

Rosacea causes redness and often, red, acne-like bumps on the face. The redness can spread to the forehead and chin. Even the ears, chest and back can be red all the time. Yet rosacea can cause more than just redness. Over time, people with rosacea often see permanent redness in the center of their face—from visible blood vessels and thickening skin and bumpy texture, to red and irritated eyes, swollen eyelids and what looks like a sty.

Rosacea, a persistent inflammatory condition affecting the skin on the face, presents itself initially as a sunburn or blushing that refuses to fade away. If left untreated, it gradually worsens, leading to additional symptoms and increasing discomfort.

The exact cause of rosacea remains uncertain, with various factors potentially contributing to its development. Genetics, an overactive immune system, and environmental elements may all play a role. Flare-ups of rosacea symptoms often occur after exposure to sunlight and wind, consumption of alcoholic beverages, consumption of spicy foods, physical exertion, stress, or certain medications.

Individuals afflicted with rosacea may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • redness in the midface
  • easily flushed skin
  • visible small blood vessels just beneath the skin’s surface
  • sensitivity in the skin
  •  a hot or burning sensation in the affected area
  •  small red bumps or pus-filled papules resembling acne.

What causes rosacea? The American Academy of Dermatology says that sunlight and hairspray are common rosacea triggers. Other common triggers include heat, stress, alcohol and spicy foods.

Rosacea can cause persistent red, bumpy, and sensitive facial skin that can be painful and can significantly impact your self-confidence. There is no cure for rosacea, and many patients feel hopeless when it comes to restoring and maintaining a smooth, even complexion.

The Art of Skin Dermatology, has made it their mission to find treatment solutions for skin conditions like rosacea that disrupt patients’ appearance and quality of life. At The Art of Skin Dermatology practices, we offer personalized rosacea treatments that not only alleviate discomfort and manage symptoms but also revitalize the skin, aiming to enhance the overall well-being of her  patients.


To achieve a more serene, balanced, and radiant complexion, the initial step involves seeking guidance from a seasoned and certified dermatology provider, such as the professionals at The Art of Skin Dermatology. During this consultation, they will thoroughly examine the affected skin, inquire about your symptoms and medical background. Subsequently, they will diagnose your condition and create a personalized plan to alleviate your symptoms.

Individuals diagnosed with rosacea may be ideal candidates for treatment if they meet the following criteria:

  • Possess good physical health
  • Demonstrate a willingness to adhere to our instructions both before and after treatment
  • Understand that while treatment cannot completely cure rosacea, it can significantly diminish symptoms and enhance the skin’s appearance.

The Treatment

Laser therapy has proven to be a successful method in preventing the symptoms of rosacea.

Various laser systems can be utilized to target different types of rosacea, making laser therapy a versatile treatment option. While prescription medications like antibiotics and topical treatments are also available, laser therapy offers more favorable outcomes with lower risks. Although antibiotics and topical medications can temporarily aleviate inflammation, they are not recommended for long-term use. In contrast, laser therapy provides longer-lasting improvements compared to topical medications.


  • At our medical practice in Poughkeepsie and Fishkill, we specialize in laser treatments. To ensure your safety, we will place metal eye shields over your eyes before starting the procedure, protecting them from the laser beam.
  • Once the eye shields are in place, we will proceed with the laser treatment. Our skilled provider will first calibrate the laser device specifically for your skin, ensuring a safe and effective treatment. They will then carefully move the handheld laser device across the treatment area, targeting broken veins and reducing inflammation to enhance your skin’s appearance.
  • After the laser treatment, we understand that your skin may feel hot. To soothe any discomfort, we will apply a combination of ice and Aloe to cool and nourish your skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalized. our medical practice in Poughkeepsie and Fishkill, we specialize in laser treatments. To ensure your safety, we will place metal eye shields over your eyes before starting the procedure, protecting them from the laser beam.
  • Ice and Aloe will be applied after the laser treatment


TANIA COHEN DMSC, PA-C utilizes a strategic blend of laser technologies to effectively address redness, sensitivity, and promote a healthier, smoother, and more luminous complexion. With a personalized approach, her rosacea laser therapies are meticulously customized to suit each patient’s unique skin type, tone, and desired aesthetic outcomes.

Typically, a series of two to three treatments is recommended to visibly enhance rosacea symptoms. Once the desired results are achieved, periodic maintenance treatments, performed two to three times a year, can effectively prevent the recurrence of rosacea symptoms.

The Art of Skin Dermatology advanced rosacea treatment options often incorporate the use of the YAG laser, ensuring comprehensive and effective care for her patients.


In order to optimize the effectiveness of laser therapy in treating rosacea, TANIA COHEN DMSC, PA-C will propose a tailored skincare routine consisting of soothing facials and premium skincare products. By implementing this well-thought-out approach, individuals can nurture their skin and minimize the occurrence of rosacea flare-ups in the intervals between laser therapy sessions.

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