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Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is a skin condition that causes reddish-purple, flat-topped scaly bumps on the arms and legs. Sometimes the bumps have tiny white lines through them. Lichen Planus can appear on the skin and/or inside the mouth. It can also appear on the genitals or on the scalp, and even change the way the fingernails or toenails look. 

The most common places for these bumps to appear are the wrists, lower back and ankles, but they can appear anywhere on the skin, including the genitals. On the legs, the bumps tend to be darker. As older bumps clear, new bumps may appear. 

How do you know if you have lichen planus? When lichen planus develops on the skin, you can experience:  

  • Thick patches of rough, scaly skin – if bumps continue to appear in the same place, thick patches of rough, scaly skin can form; these patches develop with time and are most common on the shins and around the ankles
  • Itch – sometimes the bumps and patches itch; thick patches are most likely to itch
  • Blisters – these are rare
  • Pain, especially on the genitals; the skin can be bright red and raw, and open sores can appear, making sex painful or impossible

The Treatment

Lichen Planus is not cancer nor contagious. There is no cure for lichen planus and it often goes away on its own. The Art of Skin Dermatology offers medical skincare treatments that can bring relief and help speed healing, including:

  • Prescription mediations
  • Injections
  • Topical routine

Meet the Doctor

Tania Cohen, DMSC, PA-C

Specializing in Lichen Planus, Tania Cohen DMSc, PA-C has mastered the techniques and treatments needed to keep her patients comfortable and confident.

After dedicating 30 years to the practice of dermatology, I have mastered the Art of the Dermatology appointment and have created an unparalleled experience for my patients. This accomplishment has been the product of years of fine-tuning, actively listening to my patients, and deep contemplation. I personally guarantee that a visit to Art of Skin Dermatology will surpass any dermatology encounter you have ever had. Get ready to be blown away not only by the extraordinary atmosphere we offer but also by the incredible transformations and outcomes you will witness firsthand.”

Tania Cohen

Videos & Testimonials

Tania is very thorough and answers any questions you have. She always makes you feel comfortable and you leave knowing that if you need her you can email her anytime.

Amy W.

High regards for Art of Skin. Very positive experience. Special thanks to Nicole G., PA-C, for her sensitivity, patience, sense of humor and medical expertise.

Annie C.

Time was taken to answer every question. I never felt hurried and the wait to be seen was minimal. All my concerns were addressed and the overall experience was one of caring about me as a patient. Would absolutely recommend to everyone.

Sue J.

Excellent!!! From the second you walk in, you know you made the right decision to use their services.. highly recommend.

Nando P.

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